It seems like just yesterday, I was watching the headlines of all the massive rallies around the world celebrating the role of women. A year later, we are celebrating the role of women in politics in the Women’s March 2.0: Power to the Polls.

While women make up nearly 51 percent of the population here in this country, just 19 percent of the U.S. House is represented by women. Similarly, just 22 senators out of 100 are women. The halls in Maine’s own state house are filled with paintings of the men who have held stature in Maine’s government. Just one woman adorns the walls — U.S. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. There has never been a woman governor in Maine.

All that can change this year. There are three female Democrats very capable of serving the people of Maine as governor. Diane Russell of Portland and formerly of Bryant Pond was most recently serving the House of Representatives from Portland. She was instrumental in changing the super-delegate system to elect the president and successful in ranked choice voting. Janet Mills of Farmington is the current Attorney General and seeking the top office in Maine. Betsy Sweet of Hallowell, a well-known lobbyist and advocate for women’s issues, is also running for governor.

When it comes time to elect the governor of Maine, people should consider electing someone who will fight to put power back into the hands of the many, not just the chosen few.

Jane Chandler, Bryant Pond

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