The Sun Journal this week tested three water samples at A & L Laboratory in Auburn: a bottle of treated, filtered Poland Spring, a bottle of untreated, unfiltered Tourmaline Spring and water drawn from a popular spring on Streaked Mountain Road in Buckfield where locals fill up their water jugs from a pipe at the side of the road.

The results?

From arsenic to chloride and lead, all three waters passed state health standards with one exception: The side-of-the-road water was flagged as having a potentially high level of coliform or bacteria. There’s no state standard for it, but according to the lab, “it could be an indication of a potential problem.”

For the full results, go to

Tourmaline Bottle by sunjournal on Scribd

Poland Spring Bottle by sunjournal on Scribd

Streaked Mountain Spring by sunjournal on Scribd

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