Democrats generally always cave in during negotiations with the Republicans. As a Democrat, I’m mad.

Democrats under the leadership of Sen. Charles Schumer caved in to Republicans on the government shutdown on a promise of negotiating a DACA agreement in three weeks. They simply threw in their negotiating chip. Last week, Schumer had a deal on DACA with President Trump but before Schumer could get back to the Senate, Trump had already reneged. Schumer said negotiating with Trump was like negotiating with Jell-O. So, Schumer makes a deal with Congressional Republicans. When will Democrats ever learn?

Republicans don’t want DACA or immigration reform. They will fight tooth and nail against immigration reform, and Democrats will, again, be left with only hot air. Republicans don’t want those kids who came here (through no fault of their own) to become citizens because they know those kids will most likely vote for Democrats.

Remember when the Democrats in Augusta were negotiating with Republicans to pay the hospitals what the state owed them. The Republicans said let’s pay the hospitals and we’ll agree to Medicaid expansion. Guess what? The Republicans reneged.

Trump always touted that Mexico was going to pay for the “beautiful wall.” Any reasonable person knew that was a ruse. The Democrats have agreed with the Republicans to use taxpayer dollars to pay for Trump’s wall — certainly not Mexico. Another cave in by Democrats.

The Democrats also caved in on the tax cut for the rich. Unconscionable.

Larry Gilbert Sr., Lewiston

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