LEWISTON — The Green Ladle on Sunday was a chocolate dream during Lewiston Middle School’s 9th annual “Chocolat” fundraiser.

Six local vendors provided unique and indulgent chocolate treats for attendees to sample. Guests then voted on which treat was their favorite for the “Candy is Dandy” people’s choice award.

The other two categories: “Chocoholic’s Dream”, a professionally judged tasting, and “Decadent Display.”

Kira’s Cupcakes of Lewiston and Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant of Auburn were new to the annual fundraiser, and their additions were appreciated.

Kira’s Cupcakes took home first or second place in all three categories. And Kira’s caramel, salt and vinegar chip cupcake was a standout, as were some of Kira’s other cupcakes: chocolate and orange, white chocolate raspberry and Andes mint.

Kira Gavin, owner and baker of Kira’s Cupcakes, said she gets her flavor ideas from friends’ suggestions, Pinterest and other sources.


“I don’t copy the recipes,” Gavin said. “I do my own thing with them. And some just come from my imagination.”

She said she got the idea to do a caramel, salt and vinegar chip cupcake because a friend used to eat Hershey’s chocolate and salt and vinegar chips together.

“It’s fun,” Gavin said. “That’s my favorite part of making cupcakes: Coming up with flavors no one else has done.”

Margarita’s brought churros with chocolate dipping sauce. Top It Frozen Yogurt brought pretzel peanut butter pops. And Marley’s Chocolate Lab had a variety of truffle options, including chocolate cheesecake, Oreo and hazelnut espresso.

Central Maine Community College brought a fruit-and-chocolate trifle that chef Austin Perreault, the culinary department chairman, said was actually his “plan B.”

His original idea took too long to do for the fundraiser, but he called it “a happy mistake.”


Attendees and judges must have agreed: CMCC took home two first-place awards and one second-place award.

The event, at $10 a ticket, gives attendees access to each of the six vendors’ treats and two “freebies,” meaning guests can pick their favorites and go back for more. There were also a few non-chocolate snacks provided by the Green Ladle chefs for a break between the rich treats.

Patrick Stanton, co-chair of the event, said this year’s fundraiser was not much different then in previous years, except that there were more raffle prizes and they were all donated this year.

The money raised from ticket sales and sponsors is divided between the middle school’s academic teams, the Green Ladle scholarship and nonprofit clubs, including drama and band.

Teachers choose how academic team uses the money,  but Stanton said it usually goes towards field trips or big projects.

“It’s nice that people come together as a community to help a school raise money,” said Amy DiRenzo, co-chair of the event.


DiRenzo said the turnout this year was strong, with more than 100 tickets sold prior to the event and a line at the door by 1 p.m. Sunday.

Stanton said he was especially intrigued by Kira’s Cupcakes and its interesting flavor combinations. DiRenzo said her favorite was the pretzel peanut butter pop.

Kira Gavin talks about her cupcakes at the 9th Annual Chocolate Fundraiser at The Green Ladle in Lewiston on Sunday. (Andree Kehn/Sun Journal) 

Strawberry and Peach Chocolate Trifle were featured at the 9th Annual Chocolate Fundraiser at The Green Ladle in Lewiston on Sunday. (Andree Kehn/Sun Journal)

2018 Chocolat Winners

Chocoholic’s Dream (professionally-judge tasting) 



2. Kira’s Cupcakes

3. Top It Frozen Yogurt

Decadent Display

1. Kira’s Cupcakes



3. Top It Frozen Yogurt

Candy is Dandy (people’s choice) 


2. Kira’s Cupcakes

3. Top It Frozen Yogurt.

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