I think everyone has noticed the recent changes introduced by corporations that reduce the size of a product and/or increase the price. Unfortunately the president and governor choose to support big business instead of the oppressed consumer. Any decrease in taxes is more than offset by the increases in consumer goods and other government fees.

Recently, my dog had been hungry a lot and was losing weight. I keep old dog food bags to use as weed suppressors in my garden, so I had one a few weeks old. I compared the nutrition label from the old one to the new one. The old one recommended 4 to 4¾ cups a day for his weight, but the new one recommended 5¼ to 6 cups for his weight. The various nutrients seem to be about the same but the calorie output is 24 less for the recommended feed.

Where did the calories go and why is the recommended daily feed amount 1¼ cups more?

Well, if there is more cheap filler and I have to buy more dog food, then the manufacturers and suppliers gain at my expense.

I feel bad that I was underfeeding my dog, but also that the big corporations are gaming consumers. God only knows what they added to food to decrease its calories.

I also noticed that a half-gallon container of ice cream is now less than two quarts; and what used to be a seven-ounce can of tuna is now around five ounces. I guess people have to check the labels.

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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