Sanctuary cities defy federal laws. These cities have noted their new illegal immigrant populations and sympathetically protected their criminal elements from deportation. They do not cooperate with immigration officers, defying federal law. The federal funding of those cities should be discontinued and their administrators prosecuted.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama did little about illegal immigration. Now there are millions of people living here illegally, having children, needing care and education — and absorbing resources. The nation’s laws have been ignored.

The current illegal population that was brought here as children deserves some leniency. On their behalf, President Trump has offered reasonable legislation to Congress.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress are dedicated to oppose President Trump and block Republican programs. The Democrats offer no constructive plans, only obstruction to Republican proposals.

Maine’s legislative Democrats often try to adopt the Congressional Democrats’ ways. Maine citizens deserve better than the welfare of a political party taking precedence over what is good for Maine.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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