DEAR SUN SPOTS: I saw the letter (Sun Spots, Feb. 9, 2018) regarding a church looking to have an electric typewriter repaired. I have an electric typewriter that I would be happy to donate to this church if they would list a phone number where I could reach them. It is a ML100 daisy wheel from the Brother International Corp., uses Model 1030 correctable ribbon and Model 1030 correction tape, and has an international keyboard. I purchased it a few years ago at The Vermont Country Store. It has hardly been out of the box as I decided I was not going to learn how to use it! If I can contact the church and they are not too far away, I will see about getting it to them.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: This is an answer to prayer. Even if the church gets the typewriter they have repaired by Cosco Technologies in Windham, they could have this one for a back-up! I hope the church personnel see this and write in with their contact information.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know where I can get a CD by Josee Vachon entitled “La Voix d’une Mere”? Please contact me at 783-3676.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: Josee, born in Quebec and raised in Maine, has been sharing her Franco-American heritage for over 25 years through traditional and contemporary folk songs, some of which she has created herself. You can purchase “La Voix d’une Mere” (Voice of a Mother) as well as any of her other CDs from Josee’s website at The one you are looking for costs $15.

Another resource is Bull Moose (784-6463) in the Lewiston Mall. If they don’t have this CD in stock, one of their other locations might have it or they can order it for you. They also have a website if you want to order it yourself (

“La Voix d’une Mere” is also available through Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble ( Isn’t it great to have so many choices?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read that Keith Carson and his wife are expecting a baby. When will the little one arrive?

ANSWER: WCSH Channel 6 Meteorologist Keith Carson has been in the limelight in Sun Spots lately! And yes, the little ray of sunshine will arrive sometime in March. Here’s to a smooth landing for Baby Carson.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read a book recently about some people who lived in a boarding house, and I got to wondering if there are any boarding houses here in the Lewiston-Auburn area, or have they all disappeared? The people in the book really liked where they lived. Thank you for looking into this.

— Judy, no town

ANSWER: This sounds like a cozy arrangement. I’m picturing the scenes from the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” However, I was unable to locate the type of boarding house you’re writing about. I’m afraid they’re part of a bygone era. There are bed and breakfasts, inns, house-shares, and rooms for rent available, though. Readers, do you know of any boarding houses in the L-A area?

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