LEWISTON — State Senate minority leader Nate Libby, a Lewiston Democrat, declared Friday he plans to seek a third term.

“I believe that people succeed when given the opportunity and tools they need to reach their goals,” Libby said in a prepared statement.

Libby, who won the seat in 2014 after two terms in the House, does not yet have an opponent in the 21st District.

The general election is Nov. 6.

“In the Senate, I’m working to provide opportunities for all Maine families to get ahead by fighting for policies that work for all of us,” Libby said, promising that he will “continue to be a voice of reason in Augusta, and someone Lewiston people can always call on for assistance.”

Libby cited a number of achievements in Augusta, including working with Gov. Paul LePage to create a first-in-the-nation student debt relief program to help Maine attract and retain young people.


He helped double the Homestead Property Tax Exemption from $9,100 to $18,200 for Lewiston taxpayers and blocked proposed elimination of the program for Mainers under age 65, delivered a big increase in school aid to Lewiston and got new consumer protection for electricity purchasers passed into law.

“I’m proud of my work representing our city in the Maine Senate,” Libby said. “Lewiston needs a strong, experienced advocate in Augusta and I will continue to be that voice in the State House.”

Libby is a Bates College graduate who is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Southern Maine. He also works as an economic development consultant to help businesses, local governments and nonprofits administer and finance projects.

Libby’s wife, Andrea, is an acute care nurse and an adjunct nursing faculty member at Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston. His son, Jude, is 8 years old.

State Sen. Nate Libby (Submitted photo)

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