Death is a gateway we all must

one day pass through.

To reach God’s Holy Land where

our souls will accrue.

We live on Earth until death

takes our hand.

We start an unknown new journey

to God’s Holy Land.

A place where there will be no

sicknesses, painful sufferings,

and no crying tears.

Where time is endless; no days,

months, and years.

God’s Holy Land where there

will be joyous beauty for

some of us to see.

God’s Holy Land has a Pearly

Gate that not all will see.

God’s Holy Land will help our

souls to live and grow.

We won’t have to worry about

‘will there be a tomorrow’.

God’s Holy Land will have

love one’s that we never

met from our homeland.

Peace and comfort is what

will be in God’s Holy Land.

Greg Zemlansky, Farmington   

A “West Central” Maine Nor’easter

It came in like a furtive mouse,

One or two flakes a minute.

It shivered two hours like that.

Then a hard snow became urgent!

Wind hopped and skipped across the yard,

Before it created a whiteout.

Visibility was hand before face.

Wind and snow. Wind and snow.

Avalanched from the sky.

Plow trucks, in blizzard formation,

Tried their best to stay out of ditches.

Old man winter cried and cried.

None of us could keep up,

With Winter’s cruel game.

Shovels, snowblowers weren’t enough.

Carlton Rollins, New Sharon    

No One Knows 

On the day that I go,
(Up to heaven or down below),
Will my wishes all get done?
Did I explain them to anyone?
Do your friends know what to do
When your life on Earth is through?
Will my body be buried or cremated?
(My choice for which was clearly stated).
Let your doctor know about your plans
They can “carry out” all your demands.
Life insurance will help pay the bills
Rich people write their “wishes in wills.”
Your last day might not be near
(No one knows when it will appear)
The very last thing you can do
Is have a friend who will “speak for you.”
So make plans now. Do not wait!
When you stop breathing, it’s way too late!
Arlene Wells, Farmington

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