DEAR SUN SPOTS: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services is offering a Trauma Sensitive Yoga group in the Lewiston area, beginning April 2. This group is for adult female identified survivors who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse or sexual harassment. The group is free and confidential!

The yoga practice is very gentle and people of all ages and abilities can participate. Call Kayce or Julia at 207-784-5272 to set up a pre-group screening.

If someone who has experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse or sexual harassment needs support and wants to talk to an advocate any time day or night, call our helpline at 1-800-871-7741. We provide support and resources to survivors of all ages and genders, regardless of when the assault occurred.

— Kayce, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a friend from many years ago. Her name was Claire Caouette. She lived on Woodside Drive in Lewiston. Her parents were Robert and Betty. She had a sister, Patty, and a brother, Robbie. My name is Tanya (Milliken) Styverson. My email is [email protected] Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

— Tanya, no town

ANSWER: Heads up, Sun Spots readers! Let’s help Tanya find her long-lost friend. And Tanya, please let us know what happens. I love happy endings!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have results on our request for a 1955 Lisbon High yearbook that you ran on Feb. 5. Thanks to the replies and to the former Lisbon High teacher who had one he was willing to part with. Thank you, Ms. Sun Spots, for your help!

— Margaret, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: And speaking of happy endings . . . Ms. Sun Spots loves helping all of you. Keep writing! Pile on the questions and share your results.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Noel Coumont ran Ivan’s restaurant and variety store in Market Square in the 1950s and 1960s in South Paris with his sister, Minnie. After Ivan died, Minnie ran Minnie’s Restaurant in Market Square with daughter Rachel and son Ralph. Minnie was married to Arnold Stone and has since passed away.

— Clifton, no town

ANSWER: Readers, this is a follow-up to the Feb. 14 Sun Spots where Alice is searching for information on Noel Coumont, the architect who designed the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and supervised much of the construction of the lower church back in the early 1900s. Is this Noel Coumont mentioned above the same person? Someone must know!

Dear Sun Spots: We have been away for a few weeks. Where is Mallory Brooke, the weather girl on Channel 8? You have been helpful before. Thanks.

— No name, Hebron

ANSWER: Another reader asked this question on Feb. 12, but since you’ve been away, I’ll reprint this information about former WMTW Channel 8 meteorologist Mallory Brooke. She left the station after forecasting the weather for six and a half years to work in a weather-consulting business she developed, Nor’easter Weather Consulting ( Mallory is working directly with Maine weather-dependent businesses such as local ski areas, and even offers services that help pinpoint the weather on your wedding day!

She still plans to fill in at WMTW from time to time, according to a December 2017 interview on radio station WHOM 94.9.

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