Murder defendants Sharon and Julio Carrillo of Stockton Springs are led into Waldo Superior Court in Belfast on Wednesday. Both are charged with murder in the death of Marissa Kennedy last weekend. (David Leaming/Morning Sentinel)

Sharon Carrillo, the 33-year-old woman charged with depraved indifference murder in the beating death of her 10-year-old daughter, is seven months pregnant, an attorney for her husband said Wednesday.

Rockport attorney Steven Peterson represents Julio Carrillo, 51, who is also charged with the murder of Marissa Kennedy, his stepdaughter. Peterson said he learned of the pregnancy during a 30-minute conference with Julio Carrillo before both Carrillos appeared in Waldo County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Sharon Carrillo’s attorney, John MacLean of Camden, said his client appears to have been a victim in the marital relationship, and he is working to assemble a team of experts to evaluate her mental and cognitive health.

“My operating theory is that my client was very much a victim in the dynamics of what was going on in that home,” MacLean said. He said the theory was based on the public and non-public information he has received, including multiple calls from citizens who expressed concern for Sharon Carrillo and described “what she was enduring in that relationship.”

“My office has received a number of calls from concerned citizens, basically, people that are aware that our office is representing Sharon, bringing disturbing information about Julio’s behavior in their relationship,” MacLean said. “I won’t share the details of that, but I will say it’s somewhat unusual for people to call and share information.”

MacLean said he is aware of allegations that neighbors called the Department of Health and Human Services out of concern for the children, but he has not seen any records yet of the agency’s involvement with the family.


“I’ll have access to all of the DHHS records at some point along the line,” MacLean said. “If they’re not given voluntarily, I’ll be getting a court order.”

Peterson, Julio Carrillo’s attorney, also revealed new information about the Carrillo family, their history and how they came to Maine.

Julio Carrillo was born in Puerto Rico but was raised in Brooklyn, Peterson said. Julio Carrillo has learning disabilities and was in special education programs throughout his early life.

The couple have been married for several years, Peterson said. They lived previously in Kentucky, but moved briefly to New York state before moving to Maine. Julio Carrillo worked at a WalMart in Kentucky, and then transferred to the Bangor store.

But he left that job and was most recently working at the Ocean State Job Lot in Belfast, Peterson said.

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