RANGELEY — The Rangeley Skating Club and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce have announced that the third annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah!, a celebration of winter activities and competitions for the family, was a huge success. The event took place on Feb. 18 at Haley Pond and Rangeley Town Park.

The Skating Club and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce teamed up to expand the event, which included the favorites from past years, skating, curling, pond hockey, fat tire bikes, snowshoes, kick sleds, horse and cart rides, marshmallow roast, snow golf, snow kite and snow castle, all free, as well as a slate of new pay-to-enter competitions for the family, with prizes awarded to winners in each competition.

Competitions include cardboard sled race, dog keg pull, frying pan toss, “Paloozah” Carry (a variation on the wife-carry event), fat tire bike race, snow sculpture contest and the “Paloozathon” Race.

Winners were:

Paloozathon Race: Men, Kris Thompson; women, Robin LeBlond; youth, Brayden Thompson.

Cardboard Sled, Best Design: Tie, Michael Flewelling with Troy Hathaway and Tessa Eustis.


Cardboard Sled Race: Violet and Jeffrey Chase.

Dog Keg Pull: Small dogs, Eric Anderson with Fiona; medium dogs, Nancy Perlson with Scout; large dogs, BJ Carter with Bear.

Frying Pan Toss: Men, Pete Clancy; women, Maureen Clancy; youth, Will Clancy.

Fat Tire Bike Race: First, Chris Riley; second, Eric Anderson; third, Andrew Flanagan.

Paloozah Carry: First, Matt and Liz Blair; second, Lily Temple and Drew Rogers,

Snow Sculpture Contest: Aurora and Brittany Wetherill.


The organizers said they were pleased with the turnout and expressed their appreciation for the volunteers who helped organize the event. They are already looking forward to planning next year’s Winterpaloozah!

Winterpaloozah! Frying Pan Toss winners are the Clancy family, from left, Will for youth, Maureen for women, Pete for men, and brother Joe for support.

Winterpaloozah! Fat Bike Race winner is Chris Riley, pictured in the center.

The Winterpaloozah! Dog Keg Pull winner is Bear, who is pictured with with his family, the Carters. 

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