Human females have been dominated by human males for thousands of years. With that power comes the license to be disrespectful. Many women have written eloquently about it. Gerda Lerner is my favorite. The Sun Journal featured an Associated Press story (Feb. 28) about a woman who came forward about the lack of respect she gets from legislators.

In the story, Maine AFL-CIO lobbyist Sarah Bigney is quoted as saying, “I knew I had to figure out a way to speak up, because it happens here.” She added, “I heard from a lot of other women, I had a feeling I wasn’t alone.”

Is she surprised that it is happening in Maine, as well as the rest of the world?

Male dominance is old hat. What is more important is mutual respect. It seems to me both males and females have to get real about mutual respect if they are ever going to address the power issues.

Jim Tierney, Auburn