I read with extreme interest the article about ideas for creating Auburn as a sports destination and all the ancillary business such a development could bring (Jan. 9). The possibilities and outstanding potential of that great idea are achievable.

At the end of the article, the new Edward Little High School is mentioned — almost as an afterthought. I would argue that the new high should be at the center of the vision. In my opinion, ELHS must remain as a beacon on the heights of Auburn. Probably, the only way to build a new home for the Eddies on the hill, would be through a city process of eminent domain, which would involve moving some homes near the current school to, hopefully, better lots nearby and progress from there. But it should remain on top of Auburn, front and center.

The current soccer/track could be turned into a beautiful, lighted, multi-purpose stadium for soccer, football, track, field hockey, etc. Picture a bowl with stands all the way around. The old gym could be preserved for practices and community usage.

Suggestion: How about a pedestrian bridge over Minot Avenue at Elm Street, connecting to the EL trail? Also, make a left-hand turn lane on Elm Street and eliminate left-hand turns on High Street.

Infrastructure matters. City engineers should study other ways to move traffic through town. Perhaps a large rotary at Goff Hill/Court Street?

Jeff Harper, Auburn