Why are assault rifles being sold in gun stores? Who makes them? Aren’t they for military purposes only, or is profit the big motive?

Is arming teachers with guns a reasonable idea? I think not. Imagine, I’m a teacher who comes into a hall with my gun to confront an assassin. The SWAT team would shoot me, thinking I am the killer. Don’t teachers wear enough hats already?

When President Trump said he would have gone into that Florida school without a gun to confront the killer, who believed him? His press secretary is an expert in avoiding answers to media questions.

Is there any doubt that the Russians influenced the election? How many people voted along party lines or voted for Trump because they didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton? Were those the worst two choices this country has ever seen?

I am proud to be an independent. How can the parties be so opposed to each other — each blaming the other for everything bad. Perhaps the political parties should be dissolved and just do what is best for the American people. The blame game starts at the top.

In the past, every great society reached a pinnacle and then declined. How far down is America already? If things don’t improve (being the pessimist that I am), I fear for my children, grandchildren and the children of the world.

I guess I should feel lucky that I won’t be around to see the nation’s further decline happening.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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