This nation should be proud of its children. Especially those children from Parkland, Florida.

For the first time in decades those with power are waking up to the scourge in America that exists nowhere else.

They are hearing the voices of our children. And they are listening.

Americans are always outraged after a mass shooting, especially a school shooting. Sadly, after heartfelt (and sincere) “prayers and condolences” are expressed, life goes on, we all return to our daily toil … until the next one. And the next one. And the next one.

Arguments abound for a few days on whether guns, the NRA, mental health, background checks or age limits (or the lack thereof) should be blamed. Then we fall silent and get back to business. We are all guilty of this.

But not this time.


This time the voice of the child has had an effect. Each day the list gets longer of businesses and corporations that are pulling away from the NRA. Of businesses that are raising the age of those to whom they will sell firearms. That are refusing so sell assault weapons.

Children across the nation are walking out of schools March 14, one month after the Parkland, Florida shooting, and for 17 minutes silently commemorating those 17 who were killed that day.

Most schools fully suppport their students. Those that don’t should be ashamed of themselves.

In those 17 minutes these students are learning a lot. The meaning of the First Amendment. That their voices count – at least to the schools that are not diciplining them if they take part … . That they have the power to effect change.

Will gun laws, mental health support, background checks and such change because of this? Probably not. But it’s a start.

To all Politicians: You need to listen to the children.

And you kids: You need to listen to those running for office. You need to ask hard questions. And then you need to vote.

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