100 years ago, 1918
The drive for the Salvation Army fund is now on in these cities, and with men like Rev. William A. Kelly at the head there can be no doubt of the result. The amount of money is bound to be raised, and raised quickly. The work now being done by the Salvation Army in France is of the utmost importance. Perhaps in no better way can this be shown than by publishing some of the letters from the boys and commanders in France.

50 years ago, 1968
The driver education class at Edward Little High School this afternoon was addressed by a member of the Auburn Police Department, who discussed motor vehicle laws and aspects of safe driving. Officer Robert T. Tiner Jr. spoke to the class at 2 o’clock. A question and answer period followed his talk. Sgt. Norman Spencer of the department addressed second grade students at Lincoln School Wednesday afternoon. His topic was “The General Police Image.”

25 years ago, 1993
The days when teachers could simply teach, without regard for their students’ mental health and physical well-being, are a thing of the past, according to Don Cannan, director of the Lewiston Regional Technical Center. According to Cannan, the poor local economy, coupled with the spiraling cost of health care, has meant that an increasing number of students are showing up at Lewiston High School and LRTC ill-prepared to learn. “We need to respond to that,” Cannan said. “Educators are being asked to educate at the same time we’re dealing with all of society’s ills. It’s just not possible to effectively educate kids when they’re not well.”

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