FARMINGTON — Applications are available for house repair assistance through the Mission at the Eastward Housing Ministry. MATE is headquartered at the Fairbanks Union Presbyterian Church.

The MATE Housing Ministry was created to help people in need stay in their home by doing needed repairs they could not otherwise afford to do.

Volunteer mission teams from all over the northeast come to western Maine to share their talents with area homeowners, who without assistance with labor and/or materials, would be unable to make needed repairs and maintenance to their homes. Many of the volunteers take vacation time to be here.

Painting, roof repairs, porches, steps, ramps and simple interior and exterior repair are likely prospects for the teams.

The mission is serving mostly Franklin County. Volunteer work groups stay in North New Portland and Farmington.

Each application will be considered, and residents will be contacted for further information if necessary. Staff will set up an assessment appointment and notify homeowners on whether or not they will be able to do the work requested. MATE-NPHM determines what applications are accepted based on the skill levels of the volunteer teams and the extent and complexity of the work requested.

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