100 years ago, 1918

Persons representing themselves to be food inspectors should be requested to show their credentials. In cases where doubt exists it would not be inadvisable to telephone police headquarters when a man calls at your house asking you to show him what you have for food supply. There is a report of men going to houses, especially in the rural section, representing themselves to be food inspectors. There is no general canvass of such being made, only in isolated cases, where complaints have been made of hoarding or for some other reason, would a man call, and in such cases the man is able to prove his identity and establish his right to enter the house.

50 years ago, 1968

Preliminary work has begun in connection with the construction of a new elementary school on North Temple Street, Lewiston. Workmen of the Water Division of the Lewiston Public Works Department have begun laying a new water line which will serve the structure. The new 12-inch line will eventually connect existing lines on Sabattus Street and the Old Greene Road at an estimated cost of $37,000. Included in the preliminary work will be the extension of Temple Street to the Old Greene Road, according to PWD Director William Adams.

25 years ago, 1993

(Photo Caption) Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce President Laurie Winsor hands Roland Cyr, owner of the Mail Room on Center Street in Auburn, a copy of the Chamber’s latest “1993 Community & Business Resource Guide.” The member-to-member visit is part of Thank You Day taking place Tuesday.

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