PHILLIPS — School Administration District 58 directors recently approved lengthening the school day one hour for two weeks this month to make up two storm days.

The goal is to keep graduation on June 8, as scheduled on the school calendar.

“All schools in MSAD 58 will run one hour longer each afternoon during the weeks of March 12-16 and March 26-30,” Superintendent Susan Pratt said.

The Maine Department of Education mandates 175 days of student instruction each school year, and SAD 58 has used six storm days, so far, Pratt said.

Any decisions on late starts, early releases and cancellations are hard on schedules for parents and caretakers, she said.

“The priority is the safety of the students and district employees, many of whom have long drives to schools in our rural western Maine district,” she said.

When a storm is predicted, Pratt starts at 4 a.m. reviewing weather information, speaking with the transportation director and conferring with employees, road maintenance supervisors and other superintendents. The final decision is conveyed to administrators, staff, parents and the community through phone calls, texts, emails, TV and radio stations, online publications and the district website.

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