NORTH WATERBORO — Shutting down the prospect of a presidential bid, Oprah Winfrey has said repeatedly she will not run for president–unless she gets a clear sign from God.

Her best friend Gayle King and anchor on “CBS This Morning” suggested on social media that perhaps that divine sign was sent from Maine.

83-year-old Jesus Christ from N. Waterboro is used to getting a lot of questions about her name.

“Most of them think I’m plain crazy and ignore me,” she said.

King noticed a letter Christ sent from N. Waterboro to her best friend Oprah.


King posted about the letter on social media asking Oprah if it was the sign she’s been looking for.

“Thank you father! He gets done what he wants,” Christ said.

Christ didn’t know Oprah was waiting for a sign or that there was even speculation Oprah might run for president.

“If she does I’ll vote for her–that’s for sure,” she said.

But that’s not why she wrote the letter.

After legally changing her name nearly 50 years ago, she said she started writing letters to try to spread a message of faith, peace, and priorities.

“God and the Bible. I try to live every moment of my life under God’s will” she said.

Christ said she sent the letter to Oprah because she likes her but had no idea it would get so much attention.

She said she’s talked with five other people named Jesus Christ in the United States, but she’s the only woman with that name.

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