This is in response to recent stories about a waitress at the Auburn IHOP who was fired for asking some young customers to pay before being served.

Working with the public is not always easy or enjoyable. From what I can tell, this waitress enjoyed her job, customers and co-workers. But, it is still a job that pays the bills. When someone dines and dashes, it is money out of her pocket. I am not saying that is what those patrons were going to do, but the waitress was concerned about it. From the follow-up story (Sun Journal, March 15) I don’t think she gave a hoot about the color of their skin.

To me, the problem with the whole incident is the young man who injected himself into a situation where he didn’t belong. Instead of confronting the waitress and posting his version on social media, he should have spoken privately with the restaurant manager and discussed what he perceived to have happened. The manager could have handled it from there.

It is a shame that the incident has brought on such problems for the waitress when it could have been handled in-house.

Sandy Paine, Lewiston

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