SOUTH PARIS — Thursday, March 15, was the last day of an always-interesting adventure I’ve been on, and quite a ride it was for me, Thomas “Hutch” Hutchisen, 62, of South Paris.

But now pain free, I’m off on the next adventure same way I came into this one, naked, wide-eyed, and screaming for excitement.

Born July 15, 1955, to loving parents, I was the oldest of four children and I always said, “I set the example for the others not to follow.” All of them did and are doing well for themselves! I had a magical childhood, great classes and classmates in school, very good work ethics taught at a very early age by my parents. Over the years, I have worked for some very good people and have had some very interesting jobs along the way. Work has taken me all over the country and even into the oil fields of the gulf and island of Puerto Rico, but always found myself back here.

It was here the interests were hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, whitewater rafting, gatherings and music/pubs, small venues, huge arenas, days-long festivals, which started early with rock ‘n’ roll and progressed over time, expanding to many styles but always had a soft spot for the “San Francisco sound” and the blues. Collected memorabilia along the way, including many autographs, pictures, stubs and more.

I was never a musician (my siblings all excel at this). A semi-professional listener is what I’d call myself and was fortunate enough to be with a group of like-minded folks who enjoyed chasing the shows as much as I did all over the country!

Thank you to all who found time in your busy lives to come by and visit before my new adventure started. For the ones who did, you have no idea how much I appreciated that even if some were ever so short, we had a chance to laugh, smile, reminisce of an adventure or two, talk and, most important, remind me of how rich I was with true friendship! To the rest of ya, just remember we all have to face this day at some point and ignoring it won’t make it go away. To all I met along the way, thank you. And if we disagreed, there must have been a reason but I’ll say I’m sorry. I’ve learned life is too short to argue, so with that I’ll say so long and leave ya with a quote from Abe Lincoln, “It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.”


I am survived by my mother, Charlene Ring, and her husband, David; a brother, Tim Hutchisen, and his wife, Karen; a sister, Tam Hutchisen; a brother, Todd Hutchisen, and his wife, Carrie; two nieces; daughter, Alison Kimball, and her husband, Shane Kimball; two grandsons; Uncle Jan Conant and Jean Saunders; Uncle Roger and Lillian Conant; Uncle Ben Conant; adopted music brother and “goober driver,” Mark Akerberg. I was predeceased by my great grandmother, Annie Pratt; grandparents Bill and Marjorie Hutchisen; grandparents Forest “Pink” and Thelma Conant; father, George Hutchisen; and son, Joshua Hutchisen.

I never liked being the center of attention, so there will be no services or events. Instead, go to the ones ya love and give them a hug and a kiss, and tell ‘em ya love ‘em, then turn on ya music systems, select some jams, Jerry, Levon, Allmans, etc. every now and then and listen, unwind and enjoy and let go! Oh and possibly think about me every once in a while! I’ll save a few seats at the big show for ya. Hutch, out!

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Thomas “Hutch” Hutchisen

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