FARMINGTON — A Phillips woman pleaded guilty Monday to stealing more than $10,000 from Grant’s Kennebago Camps in Stetson Township and forging the owner’s name on checks.

Deborah Lynn Vitrano, 35, entered pleas to two felony counts of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and forgery while standing next to her attorney, Curtis Rice, in Franklin County Superior Court.

Jurors and witnesses for her trial were sequestered in separate rooms while the pleas were made. 

If the case had gone to trial, Deputy District Attorney James Andrews said owner John Blunt would testify that he had owned the business for more than 10 years and hired Vitrano as manager in September 2016 and later appointed her bookkeeper. 

He would also testify that he entrusted Vitrano with the checkbook in early November 2016, Andrews said. She was allowed to take $200 a week in the off-season for herself and could write checks pertaining to the business.

Andrews said there would be testimony that checks amounting to about $5,821 were written by Vitrano, who forged Blunt’s name on them. 


In January 2017, Vitrano became a co-signer on the checking account. Testimony would have been heard that unauthorized checks written and signed by Vitrano amounted to $26,950, unauthorized cash withdrawals were $6,070, and unauthorized vendor charges amounted to $2,052, Andrews said.  

The total amount is roughly around $40,000, Andrews said.

A recording of Maine State Police Trooper Reid Bond’s interview with Vitrano in front of the camp owners at the business on June 25, 2017, would have also been submitted as evidence to the jury. Bond would have testified that Vitrano admitted writing numerous checks, including to her boyfriend and her mother, Andrews said.

Justice Robert Mullen may determine the final amount of restitution to be paid during a hearing Wednesday at the courthouse.

The partially negotiated sentence recommendation is three years to the Department of Corrections, with all but one year suspended, followed by three years probation, Andrews said.

There will be a concurrent sentence for the forgery charge, he said.


Vitrano has no prior criminal history, he said. 

She is employed and to maximize restitution payment, it was agreed sentencing will be delayed to late summer or early fall. 

Deborah Vitrano (Franklin County Detention Center)

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