Motorists are being cautioned that a traffic light has been added for drivers leaving the Log Cabin Craftworks parking lot at the intersection of Routes 2 and 142 in Dixfield. The intersection is seen from Route 142 looking toward the Craftworks store at left. (Bruce Farrin/Rumford Falls Times)

DIXFIELD — Motorists at the intersection of Routes 2 and 142 are being cautioned about a new traffic light.

At the selectmen meeting Monday, board Chairwoman Norine Clarke said a light has been installed at the intersection to regulate traffic leaving the parking lot of her former business, Log Cabin Craftworks.

Clarke said the change resulted in a near head-on collision recently.

“People don’t stop to think that someone might be coming out (from the parking lot) straight at them,” she said.

“So when you’re coming down Weld Street (Route 142) and you want to go to Wilton and take a left, that turns green at the same time you’re coming out of the parking of the Log Cabin?” resident Sue Holmes asked.

“Exactly,” Clarke said.

“Why wouldn’t they have a green arrow and have it timed correctly?” Holmes asked. “The whole thing is a mess.”

Clark called it “a horror show.”

She said the Maine Department of Transportation could have made other choices, and the board is going to discuss the situation.

Clark also addressed another issue with the lights.

“You may also notice that the lights are now very quick,” she said. “When you are coming down (Route 2) from the Mexico side, the light is green to turn left (on Weld Street). Before you think about it, it’s already yellow. So please be aware of that, depending upon your timing coming down the street.”

Police Chief Jeff Howe said he spoke with state highway officials recently “about the timing issue with that light, especially about it cycling so quickly. They were coming down to work on it and see about setting the timing proper.”

Clarke asked that people with questions about the traffic light change contact the Town Office at 207-562-8151, and town officials will contact the state.

“If you see something that is confusing you about the light, or you think is a safety issue, call,” she said.

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