DEAR SUN SPOTS: I figured I’d give this a try since I have seen some lost and found notes in Sun Spots before. I was at 99 Restaurant yesterday and had my Maine Beer Trail checklist with me. It had the breweries I have been to checked off. I ended up leaving it on the bar counter when I left. I called and it sounds like someone may have taken it inadvertently, not realizing it was filled out. I’d love to get it back if that person reads the paper and happens to see the post. It’s kind of irreplaceable and I would have to revisit the places again. Any help would be appreciated! It’s a small fold-out pamphlet. Thanks!

— Warren, no town

ANSWER: I sure hope you find your list, Warren. Sun Spotters, please spread the word. The Maine Beer Trail connects nearly 80 craft breweries, both inland and on the coast, and many beer tasters take their quest very seriously!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On my husband’s 75th birthday, we went to Applebee’s for dinner. When it was time to pay our bill, our waiter returned and said someone who had heard it was my husband’s birthday and that he had been in the military had paid our bill. They wanted to remain anonymous. We want to thank them so much. We are so surprised and grateful.

— Gail, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Please let Lynette in Norway know that J crochet hooks can be sent to Carol Parker at P.O. Box 363, South Paris, ME 04281. I will pay postage.

— Carol, South Paris

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Color the sky, kite fly! I’m getting into kite flying. It’s just tons of fun. I know one person who was just given a kite, and one other who’s just ordered a kite and that’s it. I’m out there flying kites with them and thinking, wow, I’d like to spread the word about this and get other people involved.

I don’t have dates and locations nailed down yet but I’ll notify people when we are going to get together. Of course, it depends on the winds.

We’ll get together monthly (and more) in Norway and surrounding towns. These events will be free. I just want to get together a group of people who would like to fly kites on weekends. It’s fun for adults and kids, it’s exciting and something everyone can do!

We’ll meet anywhere between 1-4 p.m. When winds are predicted fair for flying, folks will be notified one or two days ahead via text or e-mail with the date/location.

I’m happy to help with any questions about a kite purchase. Text or leave a message for Terry at 207-890-5207 to chat, receive an informational e-mail, or be placed on the notification list. Steady winds!

— Terry, no town

ANSWER: I’m a huge fan of kite flying and this is genius to think of gathering a bunch of people together. My grandson and I have been flying kites for many years and truly enjoy it. Kite flying is also included in our family birthday celebrations year-round and on our summer trips to the beach.

Hooray to Terry for cooking this up!

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