LEWISTON (WGME) – Gov. Paul LePage is laughing off a new lawsuit against President Trump, that partly focuses on LePage.

The state of Maryland and the District of Columbia are suing President Trump, claiming he’s violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which essentially says the President can’t personally gain from his power and office.

As evidence, the lawsuit points to a visit by LePage to Washington last year, in which records indicate he stayed at the Trump Hotel before meeting with the President.

Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that lawsuit can go forward, and the governor had sharp words for the judge.

“I didn’t realize I could buy the President so cheap, a night in his hotel and he’s in my back pocket,” LePage said. “That’s all I’m gonna say. The judge that did that is imbecile! He’s a complete imbecile. That’s all. I can tell you any district court judge, whether it’s state or federal, puts that in the paper because stayed in the hotel is an absolute imbecile. I hope it goes national. I hope he hears it because he’s an absolute imbecile.”

The Trump Organization, the business, has referred any questions about this case to the White House, which has denied any violations of the emoluments clause.

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