Last year, St. Dominic’s took over the operation of the Holy Savior School in Rumford. Parishioners and parents of children who attend the school were told that would benefit curriculum offerings. Imagine the surprise, shortly after notices were sent home to register for the 2018-2019 school year, we find out the school will be closing.

What changed? Who approached the Bishop to close the school? Where does this leave our children? How can the church survive when it does not effectively communicate and execute the will of the community?

It is the community that makes up the church. How can the leadership make decisions without input and guidance from those who are affected? Why were we not given the chance to save our school?

Catholic organizations, who we support, contribute to causes around the world. We need them to help us here at home. The charter of the Catholic school system is to provide faith and religious education as an alternative to public school education. That concept has proven successful in supplying strong, educated and involved young individuals as future leaders of our communities and parishioners of the church.

I do not accept this decision and will do everything in my power to save the school. My wife and I offer our support and leadership to take on the challenge of saving the school. We demand we are given the facts surrounding the decision to close the school and how we can take back our Holy Savior School.

Bruce Waugh, Roxbury

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