LEWISTON — Police say a man jumped onto the counter and grabbed money from a register Wednesday morning at the Big Apple Store on Main Street.

At about 4:14 a.m., police said, a man entered the store and approached the counter to make a purchase. After snatching an undisclosed amount of cash, the man fled on foot, according to a Police Department statement.

Police said no weapon was displayed and no threat was made.

The suspect is described as white, between 5 feet, 7 inches and 5 feet, 9 inches tall. He was wearing a black hoodie with a white logo on the left breast, and black and blue jeans. He appeared to have a fresh cut over his right eye and possibly blood on his right hand.

The Lewiston Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact Detective Brian Rose at 207-513-3001, extension 3309. The watch commander also is available to receive information at extension 3324, 24 hours a day. Information also can be sent via Facebook.

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