Democrats, Republicans and the unenrolled are all likely to be fed up with the chaotic and sclerotic pace of Maine’s government. No matter their political party, people are tired of lawmakers in Augusta not working with each other because of their political party.

I support Adam Cote for governor, because he will put the partisan bickering aside and work with everyone to accomplish the goals and objectives of all Mainers. He is a born leader who forged his experience during 20 years in the United States Army National Guard, 16 years as a clean energy entrepreneur, and a lifetime of civic involvement in his hometown of Sanford.

To change Augusta, Maine needs leaders from outside of Augusta. I hope others will join me on June 12 in voting for Adam Cote in the Democratic primary. With Cote’s leadership, Mainers can build a strong economy and a brighter future.

Adam Lee, Auburn

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