LIVERMORE — Selectpersons on Monday accepted Robert Hastings’ high bid of $10,550.50 for the town truck damaged in a snowstorm March 8.

Hastings is from Chesterville.

The broken-down plow truck was being towed by Dutch Gap Auto to Murray’s Garage when it slid down a hill on River Road, causing both trucks to jackknife. The plow truck snapped a utility pole.

On April 3, Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said Maine Municipal Association, the town’s insurer, considered the truck totaled. If the town kept it, it would receive a check for $40,050. If the truck was sold to Dutch Gap Auto’s insurance provider, the town would receive $48,050.

On April 17, the board voted unanimously to keep the truck, accept the $40,050 payment and put the truck out to bid without the plow.

White and Bradstreet of Augusta submitted a bid of $8,575. The bid from Warren Smith of Livermore Falls was $3,022.


Byron said she received the check from MMA and they will send the salvage title for the truck.

In other business, the board approved placing an article on the town meeting warrant regarding the $25,324 refund received from Oxford County Regional Recycling.

In July 2016, 12 of the 15 municipalities involved with the corporation voted to dissolve it and disburse remaining equipment and funds to the towns that had invested in it. 

Selectperson Mark Chretien said the refund should be used for maintenance and improvements at the Transfer Station. Those funds would be in addition to money approved in the budget.

Selectperson Scott Richmond said all maintenance money from the Transfer Station account were cut by the board and budget committee.

“A pad is needed for the metal pile,” Richmond said.


Board of Selectpersons Chairman Tom Gould asked what would happen with funds not spent.

Chretien said they would revert back to the general fund. Estimates for the pad could be obtained prior to town meeting.

Byron said the article will be worded so voters can amend the amount lower. She will research the correct wording for the article and bring it back to the board for final approval.

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Livermore Selectpersons on Monday night vote to approve the $10,550.50 bid from Robert Hastings of Chesterville for a town truck damaged during a winter storm. From left are Scott Richmond and Mark Chretien, Administrative Assistant Amy Byron, and Tom Gould, Megan Dion and Wayne Timberlake. (Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser)

A damaged plow truck from Livermore and a tow truck from Chesterville hauling it  jackknife after sliding down a hill on River Road in Livermore during a snowstorm in March. (Mike Shea photo) 

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