BETHEL — The Telstar Regional High School sophomore class will travel to Jamestown Colony in Williamsburg, Virginia, on Tuesday to learn about life in the 18th century.

They will return Saturday.

Planned activities include a self-guided tour of Colonial Williamsburg, a Capital Trail walk, a tour of the College of William and Mary, and a Jamestown Rediscovery Tour.

The class will also visit Busch Gardens and see the Wolf Encounters exhibit, Launch Into Physics exhibit, and do an activity on roller coasters.

“I am really excited to give students the chance to see and experience early American history by studying the 18th Century at Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown,” Telstar humanities teacher Melissa Poston said. “They will have the opportunity to understand how American ideals, values and beliefs were first defined.”

The goals of the trip, according to Poston, are:


• Learn physics and mathematics through roller coasters at Busch Gardens;

•  Explore self-government;

• Investigate how the Declaration of Independence was influenced by the thoughts, action and varied perspectives of American men and women;

• Discover how forensic science is uncovering information about the settlers in Jamestown; and

• Learn about wolves and their role in the wild.

Students will stay at the Jamestown 4-H Educational Center in Williamsburg. 

They raised money for the trip through a date night raffle, spaghetti and chili dinners, and a dance. 

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