A grieving mother’s cry for more help from the community to find her 5-year-old boy, tragically swept away by the Androscoggin River, is a sound that should motivate everyone to oblige her heart-wrenching request. Her husbands’ cries for help should ring louder than any of life’s distractions in our ears and our hearts.

The boy’s father is a veteran and Purple-Heart recipient who served this country with honor. He is now calling on the public to help with the most important mission of his life. Their oldest son’s brave attempt to save his little brother shouldn’t be in vain. Their daughter’s attempt to do the same, shouldn’t be forgotten.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask. In fact, they shouldn’t even have to ask for help. People should just be there doing anything and everything they can to bring that sweet child home so that the parents can have some peace in their hearts and lay him to rest, wrapped tightly in the blanket his mother has ready for him.

I hope that people, near and far, will find it in their hearts to devote a little time to look for Valerio to help his family find peace and closure.

Coleen Elias, Buckfield

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