We started this week with a challenge: What Maine-made wedding gifts could we buy the couple who has everything? And what could we get under $20, under $100, under $1,000, and for an unlimited amount of money?

Because it’s not often we get to shop with an imaginary-unlimited budget, and it’s highly unlikely anyone else is going to imaginary-buy Prince Harry and soon-to-be Princess Meghan a few bars of Almost Edible soap.

And if they do? Smashing good taste, we say.*

* We’re working on our Briticisms. And yes, that’s actually a word.

In that spirit, we e-scoured the state looking for some brilliant finds that will leave even Lady Sarah McCorquodale* gobsmacked.

* An actual person actually attending the wedding!

You may even see a few things that might be great for the non-royals in your actual life.

If you’re getting up to watch the broadcast tomorrow (depending on the channel, coverage starts between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.), put on a spot of Earl Gray tea, dab some clotted cream on a scone and secure your fascinator. It’s time for a royal wedding.

Under $20

Handcrafted soap, Almost Edible Soaps (Waldoboro), $18

Goat milk-based, handmade soaps in flavors — er, scents — sure to please even the most royal of royal couples. And at $5.99 each, you can get a good selection and grab three bars to keep it under $20. Shopping Siren liked the sounds of Bay Rum, Chai and Maine Wildflower Honey/Vanilla Bean. For something less wedding day and more wedding night, try Sexy or Relaxxxxx. Yes, there are five x’s there. That’s how chill it is.

Personalized balsam fir heart date pillow, Away Up North (Bethel), $17

Super cute and rustic with a heart and wedding date hand-sewn on this 4-inch-by-4-inch balsam fir pillow. Sniff, sniff, awww.

Under $100:

Custom watercolor birch tree painting, Pinetreeart (Bangor), $94

Original 11- by 15-inch watercolor painting of birch trees. One of the painted trees comes with a heart and the names or initials of your choice “carved” into the bark. Like HMW + MM. We’re pretty sure the royal couple has nothing like this. Yet.

Electric guitar cutting board, Sider’s Woodcrafting (Brewer), $85

One gorgeous cutting board in eight different striated colors/woods, 15 inches long and cut in the outline of a rockin’ electric guitar. Top marks for cool, whimsy and practicality. It’s hard to find all that in a cutting board. It’s practically begging for a cottage loaf with some chutney.

Under $1,000:

Hoops mirror, Thos. Moser (Auburn), $650 to $850

Circular, wood-framed mirrors in small, medium or large and white oak, cherry or walnut. Elegant without being pretentious. Pretty much what we hope for all weddings. And couples.

• Assorted gourmet pairings, Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. (Topsham), $52 and up

Gift two lobster pot pies with a little puff pastry heart on top of them ($61) and two servings of lobster mac and cheese ($52) and one quart of lobster fondue ($58) and fresh lobster sliders ($119) and 12 lobster tapas ($84) and your newlyweds won’t have to cook for a while. Cheers!

Sky’s the limit:

Handmade 1,000-piece mahogany puzzles, ELMS Puzzles (Harrison), $3,495

Choose an image from ELMS’ website or catalog and they’ll hand cut and custom design it for you. Or send in your own image (an engagement photo, perhaps?) for puzzle making. Sweet, unique and something the happy couple would never think to buy themselves. Ah, the hallmarks of a good wedding gift.

• Eggemoggin Reach Regatta five-night cruise, Schooner Ladona (Rockland), $2,088 each

Stuff is nice. Stuff is downright lovely, even. But adventure and memory-building is pretty great, too, and where better to start than the Maine coast? The regatta is described as “an internationally known gentlemen’s race with 125 classic yachts of varying sizes and classes. Catching sight of the grand fleet is breathtaking, and being aboard is a rare opportunity indeed.”

At that price, we doubt they’re making you swab the deck. Catch up on your reading, then try to catch dinner.

Sounds like a royally good time. 

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who do not like things fastened to their heads, wedding or not) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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