In his letter of May 19, Thomas Shields proposed several questions to be asked of candidates. Most are important issues on which I tend to agree with the Republican positions. However, I would propose more important questions.

Are you concerned that the president fails to acknowledge that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 elections? Russia attacks the United States from without.

Are you in favor of the president’s attacks on the FBI and Justice Department, including the recent allegation, with no evidence, that the FBI planted a spy in his campaign? Are you concerned that the president undermines our democratic institutions, including the press and the rule of law? Trump attacks the United States from within.

So far, most Republican officials and office holders have failed to oppose these attacks. Congress has utterly failed to check these presidential excesses.

These failures must be taken into account when I cast my vote in November.

Douglas I. Hodgkin, Lewiston

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