Concerning job searches, I have heard that an applicant should put on a resume only what the potential employer is looking for in a candidate.

Too many degrees can be seen as being over-qualified. When applying, people should include only degrees needed for the job.

Employers are looking for candidates who can benefit the company — a good worker who can get the job done.

I found out at a college where I worked in housekeeping, a painter who just painted over dirt got lower wages. The one who did a very good job got higher wages.

In factories, the good workers are kept on the job. The not-so-good, get laid off.

Of course, nobody tells people that they are sloppy workers, but employers should be honest, giving employees the opportunity to improve, rather than be let go. I can see letting an employee go if he really cannot do the job and doesn’t want to improve his working habits.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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