Thank you, Elliot Epstein, for comparing me to President Trump (June 3). Being considered another “deplorable Republican” by elitist liberals like him is a badge of honor.

“You have enemies? Good; that means you stood for something.” — Winston Churchill.

In my lifetime, I’ve been brutally attacked by the establishment when I speak truth to power. The first time was two decades ago in my hometown of Rumford when I wrote a petition and gathered signatures to stop the town from buying a fire truck too big to fit in the station.

It was an obvious ploy to force taxpayers to build a new station. We won. I then founded Concerned Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility to challenge government overreach and overspending ever since.

Obviously “fighting city hall” makes you many enemies. I’ve also made adversaries as an attorney because I fight hard for my clients, question unfairness and abuses of power against them and don’t subscribe to the “old boys club.”

I also made enemies a decade ago when I founded the effort to bring a casino to Oxford County. Now that I am in the spotlight again, with an unwavering Republican campaign for district attorney of Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties, aimed at fighting the system for taxpayers — stopping illegal immigration and welfare fraud, and protecting gun rights — liberals, the gullible and other adversaries are taking the opportunity to disparage me once more. Court insiders and bureaucrats who want to keep things running their way fear that I will clean house.


I have also had people take advantage of my big heart on several occasions and have been unfairly accused by several detractors. Despite what my media public image from these claims may be, anyone who knows me laughs at these accusations.

I have thousands of real friends. I really don’t have enemies in the “real world.” I treat everyone, no matter their background, with respect. I wouldn’t get most of my clients from referrals if I wasn’t everything my clients say I am. My clients love me because I fight very hard and charge very little. Even those who I go toe-to-toe with, I hope they respect that I fight for what I believe in because I want to make things better.

The people I admire historically are those who have the courage to take on and question the system and the powerful. We can always do better.

I became a lawyer to fight for the underdog. People should be judged by the content of their character and how they treat others, not by rumors and gossip of those satisfied with the status quo.

I respect and support those who fight for what’s right and stand up for the little guy, no matter the opposition.

Seth Thomas Carey lives in Auburn. His license to practice law is currently suspended.

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