Haven’t voters had enough of those who can’t accept that their concept of what is correct — “politically correct” — is out of touch with constitutionality (and a huge segment of the American citizenry)?

First, it was term limits for state legislators. The poster boy for that successful(?) movement was John Martin of Eagle Lake. His partners in collusion have found ways to keep him in Augusta these multitudinous years later, but voters and public servants throughout this state have been disenfranchised.

Then, there was the “clean election” law. It seems that every time someone has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar it has been a clean election candidate.

Now, comes ranked-choice voting. Remember, in sports, every kid got a trophy? Was that really honorable? Did the warm, fuzzy feeling even last? Think about the old derisive comment about elections in places such as Louisiana and Cook County, Illinois: “Vote early, vote often.” Well, the ideologies of voting multiple times, and stealing earned rewards from the true winners have taken left turns while arriving in Maine. Americans historically have believed in the tenet of “majority rule, with minority rights”; now, Maine is speeding headlong toward “minority rule, with no rights for the majority.”

Remove the righteous will of the people by ranked-choice voting, and all will be just swell? Don’t believe it. Which right or principle will the people blithely relinquish next?

Robert Hansen, Auburn

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