I am concerned about the home care that people need. I know of people who need it, but cannot afford it. They do not want to go into a nursing home. They would lose their house or apartment where they have lived for many years.

Some folks have family that can help their elderly, but some people do not have family who could take care of them at home. The government should help provide for those elderly and disabled Mainers who have no one to help, regardless of income.

As it is, only the wealthy or those who are very poor and have health benefits can get home care.

The state Legislature has not been able or willing to help people in the middle to take care of themselves or their loved ones at home.

The Universal Home Care Initiative will help me be trained and also help my mother afford care, if she ever needs help to stay in her home.

So many Mainers are getting older. People should respect the elderly and help them. More and more of them will need home care to be safe and happy at home.

I hope others will join me in support of Universal Home Care for all on the November balloting. Those people who might need such support in the future should be sure to vote for the initiative.

Kenny DerBoghosian, Lewiston

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