NEW GLOUCESTER — Newcomer Karen Gilles and incumbent Linda Chase were elected Tuesday in a three-way race for selectman. Their terms are for three years.

Gilles received 714 votes, Chase 596 and incumbent Stephen Hathorne 511.

Gilles, 35, the daughter of board member Lenora Conger, is a nurse and administrator of a home health business owned by her mother. Gilles serves on the Budget Committee.

Chase, the board’s chairwoman, was slated to lose her seat because she has served three consecutive terms, and under the town ordinance could not run for re-election. Last month, she was one of three board members who voted to find the Term Limit Ordinance invalid based on legal advice sought by Town Manager Carrie Castonguay.

Hathorne had worked on the Term Limit Ordinance that was adopted by voters at the annual town meeting in May. 

Laura Sturgis was elected to the School Administrative District 15 board to complete a term, while Jason Hart was elected to a three-year term on the board.

Dan Bannon was re-elected to the Water District board of trustees.