LIVERMORE FALLS — Investigators scoured the charred remains Wednesday of a three-story house on Main Street, trying to determine the cause of a fast-moving fire Tuesday night that left one man dead and two brothers injured.

Investigators Isaiah Peppard and Kenneth MacMaster of the State Fire Marshal’s Office checked the interior of the wood-framed house at 100 Main St. They were joined by Sgt. Joel Davis, a state investigator, later in the day.

Attempts to reach an investigator Wednesday night were unsuccessful.

About 50 firefighters from seven towns responded to the call at about 7 p.m., Livermore Falls Deputy Chief Scott Shink said Wednesday at the scene.

The house was rented by Robert and Amy Mosher, who lived there with their sons Collin, 13, and Brayden 11, and family friend Tori Lebel, according to Amy Mosher.

Firefighters entered the house through the back and were able to search the first floor, but could not get into the front room, where the body of Peter Dyer, 65, Amy Mosher’s uncle, was eventually found.

Firefighters went in through the back of the house, which was more than 200 years old, and searched the first floor but could not get into the front room, Shink said. They searched the second floor, but the family had already gotten out.

Firefighters were able to save a house about 8 feet away by dousing it with water, Shink said. The heat melted the vinyl siding on the house.

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