KINGFIELD — Selectmen must decide whether to approve a new policy for burials in the town-owned cemeteries of Sunnyside, Riverside and Durrell.

At a meeting Monday night, Administrative Assistant Leanna Targett said that in the 11 years she had worked for the town, the policy was still in limbo. Cemetery plots are bought and owned by individuals, but selectmen discussed how and why sexton Seth Nickerson should be involved and town officials could be informed. 

Targett said Nickerson should be notified and approve burials, even if the family members are spreading ashes or burying an urn. As the sexton, Targett suggested he should be paid a fee for his services. Selectmen discussed whether to charge or not, how much to charge, and how the policy would be enforced.  

Targett said she would write a policy that included whatever they decided, but she needed one question answered first.

“Is there a charge or not?” Targett asked selectmen.  

Selectman Walter Kilbreth noted that people can buy property, but they still have to get a permit before they can build anything on it. Selectmen agreed to make a final decision at their July 2 meeting. They also agreed to make a decision on a street sweeping policy at the same meeting.


Village Enhancement Committee chairwoman Lisa Standish asked selectmen to establish a policy that would require members to attend meetings regularly to be part of the committee. Problems arise when members skip meetings that require a certain number to vote on important matters.

“We need to have a quorum to vote,” she said. 

Selectmen agreed with her request but also decided the group should advertise for additional new members, noting that they had not been notified of recent resignations and declining membership. Standish also invited the selectmen and general public to the last in a series of meetings focusing on economic development. 

Laura Reynolds of the Rangeley Region Economic Opportunity Committee. will explain what their regional group does to stimulate economic development in the Rangeley area. The 5 p.m. meeting at Webster Hall on July 9 is open to the public.  

Standish suggested that selectmen could approve the formation of a town economic development committee, which would have the ability to apply for grants and seek funding for projects. Standish also said she would be willing to take the responsibility if the committee was formed.  

In other matters, selectmen approved closing the Town Office on June 29, allowing the office staff uninterrupted time to close the books.  

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