Is the United States a country of laws? If I, as an American citizen, would have taken my two children, when they were younger, on a crime spree and broke into someone’s home, stole food, took money from draws and got arrested, I would have been put in jail. My children would have been taken by Department of Human Services and put into a foster home — separating me from my children.

Now, look at illegal immigrants. They knew all the while they were making their trek to the U.S. that it is a crime to cross the boarder illegally. Not only is it a crime, but they were putting their children’s lives in danger every day on their journey, facing drug smugglers and the like.

So, an illegal immigrant has more rights and is treated better than an American citizen?

If they do not have to follow this country’s laws, why should citizens?

Why? Because it would cause chaos.

If anyone tried crossing illegally into any other country in the world, what would happen?

Donald Dubuc, Minot

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