Greenwood residents should make an effort to attend the wind tower hearing on July 9, at 6 p.m. at the Legion hall. They should also turn out to vote on the issue on a date soon afterward.

Greenwood has several mountains and ponds that attract tourists to Vacationland. What a pity it would be to ruin this beautiful environment.

Woodstock already has towers. Milton is in the pipeline and Bethel seems destined for towers. We will be surrounded? Do we really want to live among 600-foot man-made trees?

It seems to me that if Massachusetts has an insatiable need for power that it should produce it there instead of expecting Maine towns and people to ruin their quality of life. We don’t want 600-foot towers and neither does the U.S. government, which subsidizes these things.

You don’t see any plans for towers in the national forest or at Acadia National Park.

Don’t be mislead about financial benefits as there will also be financial drawbacks. Think about long-term losses in lifestyle while living in close proximity to an industrial park of 600-foot towers covering three mountains and hovering over all of us.

Dwight L. Mills, Greenwood

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