The recent column by Cal Thomas portrays climate change science as “hysteria” and “propaganda.” I challenge this view by citing five major takeaways from the US Global Change Research Program draft special report of June 28, 2017:

1) Global temperatures are rising — faster than any time in the last 1700 years; 2) Significant atmospheric changes are inevitable; 3) Humans are the dominant cause; 4) Extreme weather events are happening more frequently; and 5) Oceans are rising and heating up — from greenhouse gas warming.

These scientific facts are not political or partisan. Americans of all political persuasions should not panic, but must try to understand the long-term consequences of global warming.

I refer your readers to “Climate Change — 7 Things You Need to Know,” in National Geographic, April 2017: The world is warming; It’s because of us; We’re sure; Ice is melting fast; Weather is getting intense; Wildlife is already hurting; and “We can do something about it.”

Richard Fortier, New Gloucester

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