Donkeys and elephants long ago evolved into a single species, but there have always been mutants. Trump is one such distorted animal – an anomaly as a president and as a human. He is the one who makes our current political climate different; so, Republicans must be voted out.

Never before have we been led by one who cooperates with foreign governments for personal gain and ego gratification, or one who praises dictators and fight with our allies. A U.S. president is expected to condemn other nations when they invade their neighbors. Never before has a U.S. president broken so many agreements with our allies. NATO? World Trade Organization? Paris Climate Accord? When has a failed businessman been allowed to design world economic policy? When has the U.S. systemically and with malice aforethought rounded up and terrorized immigrants to this extent (excepting WW II)? Never before have such lies been told by a U.S. leader and to such an egregious magnitude.  When has freedom of religion not been an American core value? I’ll tell you when – now.

This whole administration is an aberration. Our elected officials are worse than sheep – they are sycophants and fearful little toadies. For if Trump goes down, what happens to their milking of the system scheme? Why has nothing been done to prevent Russia from further meddling?

This administration is an abnormality; their propaganda is eroding the liberties we now take for granted. Vote Democratic; it really can get worse with the Republicans in charge.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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