AUGUSTA – The Maine House Monday failed to override a Gov. Paul LePage veto of a bill that funds a voter-approved expansion of the state’s Medicaid system.

Conservative House Republicans stood with LePage, voting against the override on an 85-58 tally that fell short of the two-thirds necessary.

The vote came with no debate on an issue that is also awaiting action in the state’s Supreme Judicial Court next week. Justices will take up a suit that pits advocates for the expansion against the LePage administration, which has argued that it cannot implement the law without funding approved by the Legislature.

Lawmakers are taking votes Monday on dozens of bills vetoed by LePage. To override a veto, two thirds of the members of both the House and the Senate must vote for a bill to become law. If one of the two bodies fails to reach the two-thirds threshold, the governor’s veto stands.

Maine State House.

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