Somehow I do not think columnist Leonard Pitts solved his problem? in trying to decide whether to be a liberal or a conservative. He is kidding us. He never had a problem with that question. He is a liberal and always has been a liberal as his columns through the years will attest. He is using his hatred of Trump to reinforce his convictions.

In his attempt to convince us that he tries to be a moderate, he uses these words which are very thinly veiled attacks on the president and his supporters — naked incompetence, a new and brazen strain of white supremacy, accepting non-stop lies, cult of Trump, conservatism’s headlong march to fascism.

Mr. Pitts ends his column saying he “cannot walk” between the extremes of the two parties as one of them presents a clear and present danger.

Mr. Pitts feels that leftists, liberals, socialists, progressives (whatever they choose to call themselves at any given time) with an agenda that promotes free college, open borders, activists judges, gun conviscation, income redistribution and higher taxes are much less a threat to our country than the conservative agenda of personal responsibility, strong military, freedom of speech, lower taxes, smaller government and, above all, protection and conservation of the greatest constitution in the world.

Not much choice there.

Winston Churchill once said: “If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at 40 you have no brain.”

George Jones, Otisfield

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