The issue of alternate energy sources is a challenge in today’s society and economy. Issues to consider include the history of pollution caused by decades of fossil fuel consumption, impact of secondary issues on the environment such as erosion of soil and waterways, impact of the collective forms of energy on communities, effects on Maine tourism, and the implicit long-term goals of keeping the lakes, ponds and mountains beautiful for years to come.

The towns of Woodstock and Greenwood have been the focus of energy corporations seeking to establish wind farms to provide electricity to other locations, with the impact of the wind farms affecting our residents, our views and all the collateral damage that is now known to accompany wind power generation.

Having considered the advantages, disadvantages and impact on our communities, we realize that green, renewable energy in the form of wind and solar provides significant environmental benefits. However, in those circumstances in which wind power is in close proximity to our lakes, it is reasonably likely to negatively affect the use and enjoyment of the lakes. The problems caused by introducing noise, visual and ultrasonic pollution, such as the currently proposed Calpine Greenwood project, would affect this community significantly.

Therefore, the Community Lakes Association opposes the project. Accordingly, the Association urges a “yes” vote on the proposed Greenwood wind ordinance that would impact the allowable height, setback and noise emissions from any wind power project in Greenwood.

Janice Kendrick, secretary

Community Lakes Association, Woodstock

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