President Donald Trump has decided that NATO, the EU, U.S. intelligence agencies and all news outlets (except FOX) are enemies of the people; that Kim Jong Un is a dictator who loves his people — even though he had imprisoned thousands, starves his people, and has murdered untold numbers; and that Vladimir Putin is America’s “competitor,” not an enemy. Putin says he didn’t interfere with U.S. elections, so that must be true because he wouldn’t lie. It’s not a big deal that Putin ordered the invasion of the Crimea.

Trump attacks America’s allies and alliances as enemies, yet praises Kim and Putin as men of honor. He expresses no concerns over the atrocities they have committed. He salutes a North Korean general and Republicans say nothing, though they complained when former President Barack Obama gave a slight bow of respect to a Saudi.

Trump canceled military exercises with South Korea but got nothing in return from North Korea. He incorrectly thought he had a “contract” for denuclearization of the North.

Republicans refused to hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee — to give voters a say — but now believe voters have no say on the nominee. Republican leadership is consistently hypocritical in the way they did things when Obama was president and what they now do and say. They have no courage to stand up to Trump as he continues to make a mockery of the office of president of the United States.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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